Mixed Media Canvas, WIP Hope

I don’t know why I keep putting off blogging, but I just haven’t been feeling the vibe lately. I used to blog all of the time and felt nervous when I missed a day. Perhaps it has something to do with my overall less anxious lifestyle I’ve been leading. Anyways, to kick my procrastination in the butt here is a little mixed media canvas I worked on today.

1I’ve had this canvas board laying around with pink and turquoise paint on it but no real idea of what to do next. So today I was sitting in my studio trying to figure out what I would work on today and I pulled it out. The first thing I did was to add some molding paste through a Christy Tomlinson stencil (one of my all time favorite stencils).

2Then I added some yellow and orange drippage to the top and a magenta glaze to the bottom. This really made the canvas look wonderfully colorful. Add a few random stamp marks and rub-ons for texture and BAM, the background was done. Now I needed a focal point. Nothing felt right until I thought of my word for this year: hope. I grabbed my biggest letter stencils (cheap cardboard ones from the hardware store) and laid out the letters.

2013-07-16 15.55.15Added the opposite letters first so I wouldn’t smudge any molding paste and dried it.

2013-07-16 16.05.02Hmm… now how do I make the letters blend in more? Add some teal ink to the raised bits? Not quite enough….

2013-07-16 16.31.06Glazed the letters yellow and added a deeper green ink to the edges. Add some graphite for shading. Voila!

Is it finished? I’m not sure. In person the color are beautiful, but it is a bit bland. I’ll post a hi-resolution photo when I feel it’s done. I just can’t figure out what it needs yet…. For now it is a pretty reminder of my word of the year. Have hope!

(And there you go. A blog post! Wooohooo! That wasn’t sooo hard. If you are reading this, could you please say hi in the comments? Just so I know if anyone is out there.)



Coming back…

Let it be known that I plan to start blogging again very soon!

November’s Wisdom Gathering Morsels

November 14th Journal Page Everything I worked on in the month of November for the AEDM project can be found here on my Flickr. It was a big challenge to try to get art in every day, especially when my brother came to town and I had no alone time to work. But I’m really proud of every piece of art I made in November and it was really quite fun to do. I also had a really good Thanksgiving. The only downside to this time of the year is my energy level, it plummets. I ended up watching twelve movies! I don’t think I’ve done that all year. Anyways, winter is a time to slow down and your natural rhythms change up so I suppose it’s only natural that I become a bit of a bear in hibernation for the next few months. I can’t wait for spring!

Fun Thing Of The Month: Art Every Day Month.

Lessons I Learned: Do not stuff yourself several days in a row. It’s bad for you and makes my stomach hurt.

Books I Read:

  1. Craved by Stephanie Nelson
  2. Miss Minimalist by Francine Jay
  3. Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Movies I Watched:

  1. Season of The Witch
  2. Cruel Intentions
  3. X-Men: First Class
  4. X-Men: Wolverine
  5. 8MM
  6. The High Cost of Living (so ridiculously sad!)
  7. Love
  8. Thirst
  9. The Crow
  10. The Sorcerers Apprentice
  11. Hellboy
  12. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Goals for November:
  1. Celebrate Thanksgiving. (Gotta have some fun/easy goals!)
  2. Do Art Every Day Month (AEDM) project. This is the big one!
  3. Plan out Christmas budget/gift ideas. (continuing to work on this one in December)
Goals for December:
  1. Try not to go insane because of the holidays.
  2. Be generous.
  3. Do art every week. (Don’t quit now, you’re on a roll!)
  4. Celebrate a peaceful Christmas.
  5. Be thankful.
  6. Eat well and gentle.
  7. Prep time for 2012!

Thanks for stopping by this month! One more and I’ll have completed a whole year of these (I think…)!

October’s Wisdom Gathering Morsels

Niagara Falls from Canada

Image by Joodie via Flickr

Busy? Yes! I almost forgot to post this! I’ve been absolutely immersed in my AEDM project this year. Every day I’m making some kind of art. It’s turned out that this means I spend the most productive and largest part of my days doing artwork and nothing else. It’s fun, but it’s a bit unnerving to be forgetting to eat and getting so wrapped up in things that nothing else matters. I’m an all or nothing kind of person I guess.

Fun Thing Of The Month: The road trip was … interesting. The most “fun” I had was using my passport for the first time and crossing a border. (Even though I didn’t get a cool stamp or anything.)

Lessons I Learned: Family road trips are tough. Three personalities are tough. Two’s a crowd. One is bliss. Three was a bit much.

Books I Read:

  1. Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
  2. Focus by Leo Babauta
  3. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
  4. Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder
  5. Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder

Movies I Watched:

  1. Melancholia
Goals for October:
  1. Celebrate birthdays.
  2. See Niagara Falls.
  3. Continuing working on TheUnmappedPath.com
  4. Plan out any November trips I might want to make.
  5. Take time for myself.
  6. Wrap up drawing class.
Goals for November:
  1. Celebrate Thanksgiving. (Gotta have some fun/easy goals!)
  2. Do Art Every Day Month (AEDM) project. This is the big one!
  3. Plan out Christmas budget/gift ideas.

Thanks for stopping by this month!

Art Every Day Month is coming up!


Art Every Day Month 2011

A visual artist’s version of “National Novel Writing Month” (NaNoWriMo), Art Every Day Monthis coming up this November 1st.

I plan on trying to do something each day and posting it to my Flickr. We do celebrate Thanksgiving here in November so it’s going to be hard to smash in some art making on those days. I’ll be working in a visual journal I started recently for most of the days, unless I’m really inspired to do something bigger.

I thought I might take a vacation in November but BAH, I just got back from a road trip with my family and… well, I’m not in the mood to travel again so soon after that. I’m thinking that vacation will have to wait until January. Though I still have  no idea where to go since my Mexico trip was cancelled, I know I want to go SOMEWHERE.

So, follow me on Flickr to keep up with my art. What kind of plans do you have for November?