How many hobbies have you tried?

I want to somehow share all the wonderful things one can learn when you try a new hobby or craft, but that task sounds a bit daunting so instead…

A LIST, of all the hobbies I’ve tried in my lifetime. I’m really surprised how many I’ve tried at least once. Only a few I have never heard of before, many I simply don’t bother with because I have no interest or the cost is prohibitive. Try doing this yourself! It’s great to have a list to come back to whenever you feel bored, then you can remember that’s boredom is really a choice.

Note: A lot of things that I’ve tried when I was much younger I’d like to come back to again and re-explore. Things with zero interest have been crossed out.

+ for things I’ve tried

– for things I’ve never tried

+Model Rocketry
-Model airplanes (my dad did this, it’s stinky)
-Telescope Making
+Rock Collecting
-Amateur and HAM Radio (though I did listen to this when I was younger)
-CB Radio
-Building circuits
+Robotics¬†(bought a book about robotics once, turns out it’s basically another language I don’t understand)
+Home Theatre (tried compiling all my media onto a dedicated server computer)
-Home Automation
-R/C Cars
-R/C Boats
-R/C Planes
+R/C Helicopters (not my thing)

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Digital Version of Joodie available now!

If you would prefer to download a copy of my zine (instead of the print version) please click here:

Joodie: Issue 1

Digital Version: Joodie, issue 1 For Sale on Etsy

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New Zine: Joodie

I just finished my first issue of my perzine called Joodie. I’m really nervous about sharing it because some of it is kind of personal. I’m hoping to do more than one issue, but if you know me at all you know I can be a little flakey on long term projects. Maybe I’ll have time to make one more this summer, but when school starts again in the fall I can’t make any promises. The first issue is about my decision to go to art school, little tricks that might help other people thinking about going to art school, and some journal entries I made before school started. It’s quarter-sized, 24 pages, black and white, staple bound.

First issue of Joodie zine.

First issue of Joodie zine.

If you’d like a copy send $2 plus postage cost ($1 in the United States, $3 for international) to [email protected] on Paypal or use this form here:

Your name or email (optional)

(Your email would only be used to notify you of new issues out. No spam!)

Alternate: Buy the digital version! Get it from my Etsy here! Only $1.

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I think my next issue will be about my summer job at the pool…

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