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I’m heading to Seattle in about 3 weeks… and yet, I already feel like I’ve been on a great journey! After my father passed away I felt a need to get more in touch with life and actively engage in more things. And now, just deciding to leave home and live out of my suitcase for a month has given me a huge amount of momentum. I was expecting more of this feeling once I reached my destination, but it really proves the old saying that, “The journey is the destination.” I welcomed change. I readied for transformation. I made room for new possibilities. This all really seems to have very little to do with being in Seattle or buying rain boots before I go. Once I made room for something new, the courage came right up to me and settled in for the journey ahead. Simply making the space for transformation allowed it to work it’s magic!

Incredible! So maybe you’re not heading away for a month, or packing all of your things into boxes for an undetermined amount of time, but you can still travel on a new path towards transformation and change. Really, this has been one of the most engaging and unique times of my life. Certainly we all don’t need to experience a personal tragedy to feel transformed. Make some room, give away a box full of stuff you don’t need and feel the fresh, transformed air rushing into your life! You can take a transformation journey in your living room, on your way to work, anywhere!

I know I have transformed in many new ways, some yet to be revealed to me, but I do know that by simply being aware of changes taking place and not constricting the space around them- magical things seem to happen. Here are some things you can do to ignite transformation at home:

  • Clear out your wardrobe. Cut back to only the thing you actually wear on a regular basis. Leave empty hangers, make room for your changing tastes.
  • Leave a bookshelf empty. This invites us to explore new things (books, movies, flowers, or beautiful knick knacks). You will have space for something beautiful.
  • Make your life portable. Read books at the park, check your GReader at the coffee shop. Simply being somewhere new is refreshing! (And you can still get some work done.)
  • Make time for play. If you have kids or a pet you have an advantage. They will love to indulge you in games! If not, figure out how you used to amuse yourself before technology invaded.
  • Travel from home with movies. (I have seen tons of them and highly recommend them.) Here some great lists to inspire you: Nomadic Matt, Go Backpacking, Budget Travel.
  • Find a new garden or park and notice the variety. (Hey, it’s the spice of life right?)

And no I’m not actually going to wear rain boots in Seattle. I have a little self respect and I will wear soggy tennies like the rest of the tourists when it rains. 😉

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