How many hobbies have you tried?

I want to somehow share all the wonderful things one can learn when you try a new hobby or craft, but that task sounds a bit daunting so instead…

A LIST, of all the hobbies I’ve tried in my lifetime. I’m really surprised how many I’ve tried at least once. Only a few I have never heard of before, many I simply don’t bother with because I have no interest or the cost is prohibitive. Try doing this yourself! It’s great to have a list to come back to whenever you feel bored, then you can remember that’s boredom is really a choice.

Note: A lot of things that I’ve tried when I was much younger I’d like to come back to again and re-explore. Things with zero interest have been crossed out.

+ for things I’ve tried

– for things I’ve never tried

+Model Rocketry
-Model airplanes (my dad did this, it’s stinky)
-Telescope Making
+Rock Collecting
-Amateur and HAM Radio (though I did listen to this when I was younger)
-CB Radio
-Building circuits
+Robotics (bought a book about robotics once, turns out it’s basically another language I don’t understand)
+Home Theatre (tried compiling all my media onto a dedicated server computer)
-Home Automation
-R/C Cars
-R/C Boats
-R/C Planes
+R/C Helicopters (not my thing)

Making Things
+Making Dollhouses (I like mini things, but I’m no good with wood and saws and all that)
-Making Dioramas
-Making Telescopes
-Making Musical Instruments
-Home Brewing
+Woodworking (too tough for my gentle hands)
+Film Making
-Go Karts
-Stained Glass objects and windows (want to try this)
+Jigsaw Puzzles
-Shadow Boxes
+Doll Making
+Restoring Antiques (so much research involved)
+Book Making
-Stop Motion Animation
-Glass Blowing (I’m afraid of all that heat)
Scale Model Building
-Make Models
-Make Military Dioramas
-Model aircraft
+Model Railroads (played with my Dad’s stuff, pretty clueless)
+Model figures
-Model Rockets
-Model Ships
-Model Yachts
+Wargame terrain making (like for RPGs? yes.)
-Make a ship in a bottle (would like to do this maybe once)
Arts & Crafts
-Pottery (does junk from school count? I hated it.)
+Painting and Drawing
+Jewelry Making
+Leather Crafting (when I was younger)
-Glass Blowing
+Sculpting Miniatures
-Paper Making
+Wood Carving (ouch)
+Beadwork and beading
-Wire Jewelry making
-Tole Painting (what is this?)
Sports & Outdoors
-Hiking (want to do!)
+Rock Climbing
+Nature Walking
-Mountain Climbing
+Bird Watching
-Four Wheeling
+Butterfly collecting and watching
?Organic Gardening (what’s the difference?)
+Horse Riding
-Scuba Diving (too scary!)
-Martial Arts
-Hang Gliding
-Hot Air Ballooning
+Tombstone Rubbing (I am not sure when or why I did this but I remember it)
+Table Tennis
+Ballet Dancing
-Belly Dancing (I almost took a class but then I chickened out when I got there)
-Bungee Jumping
-Fly Fishing
-Gold Panning
Gardening and Plants
+Bonsai (my Dad did this and it didn’t look as fun as it seemed)
-Orchid Raising
+Food Gardening
+Flower Gardening
Hothouse Gardening
-Floral Arranging
(most of this I did when I was younger, I really liked collecting things)
+Sports Cards
+Model Trains
-Musical works like CD’s or Albums
+Snow Globes (I had forgotten that I collected these until I remembered an incident when I broke my favorite one, then I stopped collecting them)
-Classic Video Games
+Comic Books
+Crystals and Rocks
+Fountain Pens (crazy expensive hobby if you want something really nice)
-Miniature Figures
-Scale Models
-Terry Bears
+Rocks & Minerals
-Business cards
-Pinball Machines/ arcade games
+Arrow Heads
+Learn an Instrument
+Composing Music
+Classical Guitar
Animal Related
+Bird Watching
-Dog Breeding
-Dog training
+Horse Riding
-Animal Breeding
Paper Crafts
-Paper Dioramas
-Paper Models
-Making Paper
Performing Arts
+Juggling (I never got the hang of it.)
+Puppet theatre (I used to make little puppets when I was younger)
-Magic Tricks
-Amateur Theatre
-Poetry Reading
+Make a Marionette
FOOD Related Hobbies
-Barbecue and Grilling
-Home Brewing wine/beer/Mead
-Home Canning and Jarring
+Cake Making and decorating
+Wine Tasting
+HairStyling (most girls HAVE to learn this, what a pain!)
-Magic and Sleight of Hand
-Metal Detecting/Treasure hunting
-Performing Arts
+Do It Yourself
-Portraiture photos
-Kite and Rocket Aerial Photography
-Reenactment: SCA/medieval/civil war
-Body Building
-Map Making
+Tarot and Card Reading
-Body Art/Tattoos/Piercings
+Tie Dyeing
+Dumpster Diving
+People Watching
-Fly Tying (For Fly Fishing)
-Making Walking Sticks (although I was into “staff making” when I was younger, like a wizard)
I’ve got a lot left to try!
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