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How many hobbies have you tried?

I want to somehow share all the wonderful things one can learn when you try a new hobby or craft, but that task sounds a bit daunting so instead…

A LIST, of all the hobbies I’ve tried in my lifetime. I’m really surprised how many I’ve tried at least once. Only a few I have never heard of before, many I simply don’t bother with because I have no interest or the cost is prohibitive. Try doing this yourself! It’s great to have a list to come back to whenever you feel bored, then you can remember that’s boredom is really a choice.

Note: A lot of things that I’ve tried when I was much younger I’d like to come back to again and re-explore. Things with zero interest have been crossed out.

+ for things I’ve tried

– for things I’ve never tried

+Model Rocketry
-Model airplanes (my dad did this, it’s stinky)
-Telescope Making
+Rock Collecting
-Amateur and HAM Radio (though I did listen to this when I was younger)
-CB Radio
-Building circuits
+Robotics (bought a book about robotics once, turns out it’s basically another language I don’t understand)
+Home Theatre (tried compiling all my media onto a dedicated server computer)
-Home Automation
-R/C Cars
-R/C Boats
-R/C Planes
+R/C Helicopters (not my thing)

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Digital Version of Joodie available now!

If you would prefer to download a copy of my zine (instead of the print version) please click here:

Joodie: Issue 1

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Coming back…

Let it be known that I plan to start blogging again very soon!